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Slate - Mobile AirDesk

Published 10 April 2014 In Personal

The must accessory for anyone that uses a laptop, I’ve tried a few laptop desks and by far this is the best one yet. It’s sturdy light design and built in mouse mat allows me to work from any location in the home comfortably and for longer periods of time. It’s great for catching up with work in bed on a Sunday morning or when the Sun is shining and you want to get out in the garden.

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New Logo & Business Cards

Published 09 April 2014 In Graphic Design & Print

I needed to design a Logo for my new site, business cards and any other stationary that required it, but as you read earier my old site and logo designs were outdated and were not contemporary for the new designs that were at the time electric pulses in my mind.

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About Time!!

Published 09 April 2014 In Web Development & Design

Well it was about time time I finally got around to designing and developing my own portfolio site. To be honest I’ve never really had one, I came close a few years back dabbling with a few designs that just ended up collecting dust. The designs couldn’t be salvaged as web technologies have evolved a great deal since then so off to the trash they went and I started afresh.

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