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About Time!!

Published 09 April 2014

Well it was about time time I finally got around to designing and developing my own portfolio site. To be honest I’ve never really had one, I came close a few years back dabbling with a few designs that just ended up collecting dust. The designs couldn’t be salvaged as web technologies have evolved a great deal since then so off to the trash they went and I started afresh.

I have been designing and developing web sites since graduating from university which was many, many years ago. It sure feels like that anyway.

Most of my CMS Websites that I develop and design for clients are usually created in Wordpress or Expression Engine. I’m not knocking any of the two as they have served me generously in the past especially Expression Engine as I have many years experience in developing web applications using the popular Codeigniter PHP Framework that Expression Engine was built upon.

Now I’ve been hearing about this tiny little CMS called Perch which is powering this site. Perch is lightweight, lightning fast, easy to deploy and it does not dictate any of my markup so I’m free to get on with designing. More importantly it simplifies the tasks of publishing and amending content for the end user on their website. Perch makes it a breeze. Clients are happy, I’m happy.

Matty Smith Web Development

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